Silhouette Lift Management Team

Alwin Kolster – Inventor, Founder

Mr. Alwin Kolster is the engineer who invented the Silhouette Sutures TM in 2005. Mr. Kolster was the CEO of Kolster Methods Inc, a medical device company based in Corona, California. Kolster Methods Inc manufactures medical instruments for the cosmetic surgeons community. Mr. Kolster was involved in the design of the previous generation of suspension sutures, using barbs to pull and suspend tissue.

In 2004 he started thinking about a way to improve the device by having free floating cones on the strand, and designed the Silhouette Sutures™. In 2006, he founded Silhouette Lift™ in order to create the best platform to develop the Silhouette Sutures. Mr. Kolster has been instrumental in the evolution of the design of the Silhouette Suture to achieve an optimal device for soft tissue suspension.

Patrick Schupak – Founder, Chairman

Patrick Schupak has served as Chairman of Silhouette Lift™ since September 2006. Mr. Schupak comes to the company with a 20-year track record of entrepreneurship, new-product development, and value creation across diverse industries – all of which relate to the company’s commercial opportunity.

Mr. Schupak served as CEO of RBM , a communication agency until 2002. Then he held a variety of marketing, sales and general management roles in start up companies. He became involved in the medical and aesthetic field when he met Mr. Kolster in 2005 and decided to be involved in what he considered as a ground breaking innovation.

Mr. Schupak is in charge of the sales and marketing strategy of the company and he is based in Barcelona, Spain. Patrick Schupak received his B.A. in Marketing from ESM in Barcelona, Spain.

Laurent Benissan – Founder, CEO

Laurent Benissan has served as CEO of Silhouette Lift™ since August 2008. Mr. Benissan brings to the company a wealth of expertise in major areas like manufacturing, legal, financial . He is responsible for the company’s operations in America, and oversees the infrastructure of Silhouette Lift™. Mr. Benissan was a financial consultant from 1995 until 2007. He was a director in many startup companies. He is based in Irvine, California.

Mr. Benissan received his MBA in finance and general management from HEC in Paris, France.

Nathalie Imberdis – Head of Operations and Marketing, EMEA Associate Director

Nathalie Imberdis joined Silhouette Lift in 2006 as Chief Operating Officer. Ms. Imberdis brings to the company a great expertise in B2B and consumer marketing. She is responsible for developing the franchise of Silhouette Lift with its client and distributors around the world.

Before joining Silhouette Lift, Nathalie Imberdis was Business Development Manager at Dell Computer, in Paris France, from 1990 to 1997. She managed the Sales-Marketing Department. Then she participated to develop Information Builders Systems activity in France, a software development company with a focus on information system in the healthcare industry, and stayed in the company until 2003.

Nathalie Imberdis is based in Barcelona, Spain. She received her B.A. from the University Paris VII, Institut Charles V, France.