What is Silhouette Lift™?

Silhouette Lift™ is a non surgical facelift technique that utilizes Silhouette Sutures™ to lift and suspend the mid to lower face. This innovative technique offers greater lift compared to similar procedures due to the unique bio-resorbable cones located along the sutures. It is the only procedure of its kind available with FDA Cleared and CE mark.

Who is Silhouette Lift™ for?

Silhouette Lift is for men and women with mild to moderate facial sagging, primarily in the mid to lower face. While age alone is not an indication, most Silhouette Lift patients are age 35 to 50. Silhouette Lift does not replace a facelift. For patients with significant facial sagging, a surgical facelift may be the best option.

Silhouette Lift is especially well suited for men who have receding hairlines or baldness and are unable to hide scars from facelift surgery.

Where can Silhouette Lift™ be used?

Silhouette Lift is primarily used in the face to improve the appearance of sagging facial tissue.

Will I need to be hospitalized?

No, Silhouette Lift is an in-office procedure performed under local anesthesia.

How long does the procedure take?

The Silhouette Lift procedure usually takes about one hour.

Is the procedure safe?

Yes, Silhouette Sutures have been cleared by the United States FDA and received the CE mark in Europe. These clearances are unique for this type of procedure. Over 25,000 procedures have been performed to date in over 55 countries. As with any surgery, there are risks and side effects. Those associated with Silhouette Lift are mild and rare. Read More

How long is the recovery?

There is very little downtime associated with Silhouette Lift. You may experience some mild soreness immediately following the procedure. Most patients resume normal activities within two to four days. It typically takes ten days for the skin to fully recover its natural aspect.

What results can I expect?

You can expect a noticeable improvement in the lift and firmness in the area treated. Results are natural looking, making you appear less tired and more refreshed. Your facial appearance will remain the same, there will not be a ‘pulled’ or ‘tight’ look that is often associated with a traditional facelift.

How long do results last?

Silhouette Lift has proven to last up to four years in most patients. It is possible to increase the longevity of the lift through a retightening procedure that may be done after two to three years.

What is the maintenance procedure?

The maintenance procedure is a 20 minute, outpatient retightening procedure that can increase the longevity of the Silhouette Lift.

Is Silhouette Lift an alternative to a traditional facelift?

For patients age 35 – 50 with mild to moderate facial sagging, Silhouette Lift is an effective alternative to the traditional facelift. However, Silhouette Lift does not replace a facelift, which may still yield the best results for certain patients. Silhouette Lift may be used to effectively postpone a traditional facelift for many years.